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The Alternative Real Estate & Property Technology Summit Room 101: Why is it so difficult to assess property tech vendors and integrate them into our service?

Time: 12:45 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day Two | Tuesday 13 November 2018

Theatre: Main Conference Room


We’ll give two property CIOs and two property tech vendors each the chance to nominate what they see as the biggest cause of the perception gap between buyers and sellers of property technology.  Based on the BBC format, each panellist will propose an issue that, if it were banished to that room of no return, would help the property industry and the proptech industry to work better together. Will it be that vendors overstate what their products can deliver? Or that property IT teams don’t always fully understand which problems they want to solve?

Using Sli.do – anonymously – the audience will debate and vote on each proposal before deciding which issue most deserves to go into Room 101.  What will be banished forever to Room 101?  This is your chance to close help property firms overcome the one of the biggest obstacles to innovation and transformation.


  • Rosemary Nunn Managing Director - I&K, The Innovation and Knowledge Agency


  • James Boreham Head of Sales - Leverton
  • Andy Dyer Co-founder, Sales & Marketing Director - Coyote
  • Mark Tyson Programme Lead, Real Assets - Legal & General Investment Management
  • Attilio MorosiniAttilio Morosini IT Director - Chestertons

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