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The birth-place of Coyote is M7 Real Estate.

Day one of M7 Real Estate the decision was taken to put technology and data at the heart of the business. With nothing on the market to buy, the only option was to build a system in-house.

Six months later version one of Coyote went live.

Coyote developed over the years with new features and functionality continually being added. Coyote remained an in-house proprietary platform helping M7 Real Estate grow to over £6bn AUM.

In 2016, Coyote merged with a design agency called Fosbury Marketing to create a marriage between developers and designers. With over a million user-hours racked-up and as a completely new standalone company, Coyote became commercially available for the first time.

Today, Coyote continues to be used by M7 Real Estate, as well as by a growing list of commercial property companies, from small Investment Managers, nationwide Property Managers and global property companies.

We are part of the RICS Tech Affiliate Program and won the 2018 UK PropTech Association Commercial Deal of the Year award.

Collaboration with other PropTech companies has helped Coyote evolve into the market-leading product it is today. So far in 2018, we’ve already integrated Realla and Infabode into Coyote. We continually work on these partner integrations as we create and develop the commercial real estate tech eco-system and deliver more value to our clients.