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Verowave Technologies Limited

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verowave is the document production platform for Office 365

The verowave Platform is an operating platform that sits on top of Microsoft Office 365 to enable rich document production, assembly and automation capability.

verowave Apps extend the Microsoft Office 365 suite with sophisticated functions and features designed to assist end-users when working on important document tasks, and also gather information from core business systems and firm-specific content libraries, meaning firms always use the right data and content.

A verowave Solution consisting of corporate branded code-free templates, forms, content, assets, and data configurations means that even the most complex documents and reports can be now created on brand, productively and efficiently.

By adding the sophisticated dynamic forms and logic engine, verowave allows firms to automate previously manual document assembly tasks.

So, when we say verowave is ‘the document production platform for Office 365’, that matters!