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Virtual Cabinet

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Virtual Cabinet is a fully integrated document management system with full version control and audit trail to provide peace of mind for those wishing to reduce their paperwork and create less paper in the office while adhering to standards for legal admissibility.

Users can:

  • Save documents from pdfDocs into Virtual Cabinet as PDFs
  • Collate documents from multiple sources and save into Virtual Cabinet as a single, secure PDF
  • Create electronic PDF Binders and save into Virtual Cabinet
  • Convert email attachments to PDF on send from MS Outlook
  • Save and profile MS Word documents into Virtual Cabinet as PDFs

Your New Efficient, Secure Office

Next-Gen Paperless Office
Company-wide searches. Auto-file incoming emails. Team collaboration.

Better Client Communication
Total control, security & efficiency with your own branded online Client Portal.

Instant Productivity Visibility
Automate team workflows. Get real-time productivity reports.

Security & Legal Protection
Prevent client lawsuits & government fines with privacy & security features.

Binding Digital Signatures
Significantly speed up customer approval turnaround time & document workflow.

Tools & Data Centralisation
Add-ins to Microsoft Office, connect your CRM & accounting systems.